Post #5 (10/27/17)

The post-op pathology report is excellent. There is no disease in my lymph nodes and that was the last unknown, the only remaining detail that had the potential to free the terror I had mostly kept controlled. There will be no PET scans, no extra radiation, no required chemo. The profile of my treatment is in the better, rather than worse category. Other good news: the margins around the tumor were clean, so I won’t need more surgery. And the tumor was less than 1 cm. They thought that, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Relief, when it comes, is like stepping into a cool waterfall on a hot day. You are sweaty, miserable with the heat, and then the only feeling is of wetness and coolness, the only sound the rush of water as it covers your ears. You can even taste it as the clear liquid finds its way into your mouth, because that's what water does.

Relief. Alleviation. Deliverance. It speaks for itself or it speaks not at all—it just is. 

I feel such incredible relief.

Posted on October 28, 2017 .