THE END - Love, Death and Spaghetti
The New York Times, April 11, 2015

“Theresa, you gonna sit, you gonna eat.” My orientation for hospice nursing didn’t cover this — an Italian grandmother who was clearly not going to talk to me about her dying husband unless I sat at the dinner table with her family and ate. Well, when in Rome, I decided, and obediently pulled up a chair.

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING - What I'm Reading: Being Mortal Asks for Bold Reimaginings

How current care for the very old and dying fails patients—and what might be done.
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Why I Support the National Nurse Act of 2015
HealthCetera - Center for Health Media & Policy, March 27, 2015

“I’m just the nurse.” I blurted it out during a role-play at the start of nursing school. “Never say that,” my instructor corrected, “there is no such thing as ‘just a nurse.’” She’s right, but even though nurses are named the “most trusted profession” year after year in Gallup polls, and even though our importance to quality care is well documented, our value is often under-recognized in the health care system as a whole. H.R. 379, the National Nurse Act of 2015, could help change that.

CNN: Is Obamacare about controlling our lives?

Many view Obamacare as a government intrusion into individual lives -- but they are mistaken.

BEDSIDE - When Prisoners Are Patients
The New York Times, January 3, 2015

It’s an odd thing, to take care of someone who is chained to a bed, guarded 24/7 by bored corrections officers idling away time with TV and card games, who cannot receive visitors or even phone calls. But it happens when prison inmates are sick enough that they need care that only a hospital can provide.


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AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING - What I'm Reading: When Big Business and Government Put Profits Before Patients

The authors of Medicare Meltdown make a convincing case for change RN Media Star

Nurses are entrepreneurs, and every day we meet one who stands out of the crowd. Theresa Brown can be included in this group of innovators since she is a celebrated New York Times columnist and an acclaimed author. This is her story.

CNN: Ebola will elevate respect for nurses

Back in the day, nurses will tell you, if a doctor came into a room and no chair was available for him, a nurse would have to give up her seat. Those days are long gone, but for a long time, nurses didn't have a guaranteed seat at the health care policy table—until now.

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING - What I'm Reading: Imagining Those Five Days at Memorial

Theresa's new column in the American Journal of Nursing is available online for subscribers.