To arrange speaking engagements, contact Carol Schneider at the Workman Speakers Bureau, or 212/614-7771.


  • DECEMBER 14: University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing, Graduation Speaker
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • DECEMBER 6: NODE Health, Digital Medicine Conference, Keynote
    New York, NY

  • OCTOBER 24: Valparaiso University, “Humanities and Healthcare: Why My Background in English Makes Me a Good Nurse”
    Valparaiso, IN

  • MAY 21: University of Pittsburgh, OSHER Lecture Series: “Your Choice Mondays”
    Pittsburgh, PA
    MAY 8 - 9: Smilow Cancer Center, Yale University, Nursing Grand Rounds
    New Haven, CT

  • APRIL 19: University of Sioux Falls, Humanities Symposium Lecturer
    Sioux Falls, SD

  • MARCH 16: Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Explorer Series Lecture: “Healing Our Health Care System: Novel Ideas for Reclaiming Care”
    Cleveland, OH

  • FEBRUARY 22: University of Pittsburgh, School of Public Health, One Book/One Community: The Emperor of All Maladies, “Naked Cancer”
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • JANUARY 24: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Lunch Talk: “Challenges of RNs & MDs Working Together”
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • JANUARY 9: Montefiore Hospital, Medical Grand Rounds: “Nurses and Doctors: Remedying the Communication Divide”
    Pittsburgh, PA


  • NOVEMBER 6: Aging Life Center Association, Keynote: “Speaking Honestly About Death & Dying in America”
    New York, NY

  • OCTOBER 5: Pulmonary Hypertension Association, Keynote: “Quality Care: It Takes a Team”
    Bethesda, MD

  • SEPTEMBER 25: Duquesne University Law School, Guest Lecturer, Health Law
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • JULY 18: National Student Leadership Council, Invited Speaker: “Nursing is a Dirty Job”
    New Haven, CT

  • MAY 11: Happy Nurse, Healthy Nation - Invited Speaker for Nurses Week
    Winchester, VA

  • MAY 4: Excela Health - Keynote for Nurses
    Latrobe, PA

  • APRIL 20: AAHPM & HPNA Annual Conference - "Only Connect: the Essential Commingling of Care and Story in Hospice and Palliative Care"
    Phoenix, AZ

  • APRIL 19: Ursuline Support Services - Invited Speaker: "Q: What Do Nurses Do? A: So Much More Than You See"
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • FEBRUARY 15: Moffitt Cancer Center, Reinhardt Reception Key and Breakout Session - Current Perspectives in Oncolog
    Tampa, FL

  • JANUARY 18: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC - Lunch Talk to Medical Fellows, "Interprofessionalism: Challenges to MDs & RNs Working Together"
    Pittsburgh, PA


  • SEPTEMBER 30: The Nurse Practitioner Association, New York State, Annual Conference - Keynote:“Nurse Practitioners: Extending Care, Not Physicians”
    Niagara Falls, NY

  • JULY 30: National Student Leadership Conference at Yale University, Nursing - Invited Speaker
    New Haven, CT

  • JUNE 21: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, “Writers Live” Series
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • JUNE 16: Warwick’s Bookstore, Reading and Discussion of The Shift
    La Jolla, CA

  • MAY 25: Dormont Public Library, Reading and Discussion of The Shift
    Dormont, PA

  • MAY 17: The Institute for Health Care Excellence, Excellence in Health Care Conference, Keynote: Addressing Burnout
    Miami, FL

  • MAY 11: University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Lunch Talk to Medical Students
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MAY 4: Whitehall Public Library, Reading and Discussion of The Shift
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MAY 3: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Invited Talk
    Princeton, NJ

  • MARCH 30: Ohio University - College of Health Sciences and Professions - Invited Lecturer
    Athens, OH

  • MARCH 23: Living Writers Series - SUNY Canton
    Canton, NY

  • MARCH 17: Women's History Month, Public Lecture - Carlow University
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MARCH 16: McGehee Memorial Lecture - "Why I Write: How Reflection and Self-Expression Make Me a Better Caregiver" - University of Virginia, School of Nursing
    Charlottesville, VA

  • FEBRUARY 23: Presentation on The Shift - CCAC Boyce Campus
    Monroeville, PA

  • FEBRUARY 18: Book Group Discussion of The Shift - Intermountain Health Care
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • FEBRUARY 8: Lunch Talk to Medical Fellows - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC: "A Clinical Shift: Bridging the MD/RN Gap"
    Pittsburgh, PA


  • OCTOBER 27: AACN Fall Semiannual Meeting - Keynote Speaker "Nurses and the Media"
    Washington, DC

  • OCTOBER 17: "Books by the Banks " Book Fair
    Cincinnati, OH

  • OCTOBER 13: SEIU Nurse AllianceNational Meeting - Keynote Speaker "3 Million Nurses: One Voice Strong"
    Las Vegas, NV

  • SEPTEMBER 29: The Shift - Book Launch Event, Columbia University
    New York, NY

  • SEPTEMBER 23: SEIU Nurse Alliance - Plenary Speaker "Frontlines of Nursing Leadership: How to Lead When You're Expected to Follow"
    Harrisburg, PA

  • SEPTEMBER 22: University of Pittsburgh - Opening Event - Year of the Humanities: Reading from The Shift
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • SEPTEMBER 20: The Shift - Book Launch Event, Classic Lines Bookstore
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • AUGUST 28: Emory University - School of Nursing Convocation
    Atlanta, GA

  • JUNE 24: Invited Lecture, "I've Got My Eye On You: What Health Care Accountability Should Look Like"
    International Learning Collaborative Meeting on Fundamentals of Care
    Toronto, Canada

  • MAY 29: Adventist University Nursing Student Recognition Service
    Orlando, FL

  • MAY 13: Ursuline Caregiver Conference, "Stocking the Caregiver's Toolbox"
    "This Job Ain't Easy"
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MARCH 24: Annual "Alumni Talk" for the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
    Nursing of the Future: Modernizing a Timeless Profession
    New York, NY

  • FEBRUARY 24 - 25:  Lobbying representatives and attending Congressional Briefing on the "National Nurse Act."
    Washington, D.C.

  • FEBRUARY 5 - 6:  "The Power of the Narrative" workshop participant
    Providence, RI

  • JANUARY 15: Lunch Talk on Inter-Professional Education (IPE) to University of Pittsburgh Medical Students
    Pittsburgh, PA


  • JULY 12 : American Federation of Teachers, Annual Convention Breakfast Talk
    "If I Ran the Zoo: A Nurse Reimagines Health Care"
    Los Angeles, CA

  • MAY 9 : SUNY Upstate Medical University, Nurses Week Invited Speaker
    "A Good Nurse: What Do We Mean When We Say That?"
    Syracuse, NY

  • FEBRUARY 14 : American Psychosocial Oncology Society, Annual Conference
    Opening Plenary Session on Distress Screening
    Tampa, FL (in absentia due to weather)


  • NOVEMBER 21 : "Putting the Care Back in Health Care," Lecture on: Economics of Vertical Consolidation in Health Care, Sponsored by SEIU
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • NOVEMBER 8 : Kentucky Society of Health Risk Management, "MD & Nurse Collaboration and Disruptive Behaviors"
    Louisville, KY

  • OCTOBER 23 : Gwynedd Mercy University School of Nursing, Dean's Distinguished Lecture
    "Frontlines of Nursing Leadership: How To Lead When You're Expected to Follow"
    Gwynedd, PA

  • OCTOBER 2 : University of New England, InterProfessional Education Collaborative
    "Revisiting the Bedside"
    Portland, ME

  • SEPTEMBER 26 : "Putting the Care Back in Health Care," Presentation on: the Nurse's Role, Sponsored by SEIU
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • SEPTEMBER 10 - 11 : The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Workshop Participant
    "Flipping the Clinic"
    Princeton, NJ

  • MAY 25 - 26 : Creative Nonfiction, Writing Workshop
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • APRIL 29 : Jewish Health Care Foundation, Reading from I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • APRIL 23 : Health Management Academy, Oncology Forum, Fireside Chat
    Phoenix, AZ

  • APRIL 11 : Gwynedd-Mercy College, Humanities of Nursing panel discussion
    Gwynedd, PA

  • MARCH 22 : New Jersey League for Nursing Keynote speech: "Don't Get Sick in July"
    Atlantic City, NJ

  • MARCH 21 : Kennedy Health System ethics grand rounds
    "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About End of Life"
    Stratford, NJ


  • NOVEMBER 13 : Cleveland Clinic
    "Bedside Nursing: On the Frontlines of Patient Safety"
    Cleveland, OH

  • NOVEMBER 13 : Notre Dame College
    "Bedside Nursing: On the Frontlines of Patient Safety"
    Cleveland, OH

  • NOVEMBER 7 : University of Virginia, Zula Mae Barber Bice Memorial Lecture of the School of Nursing
    "RN MD Collaboration: A Work in Progress"
    Charlottesville, VA

  • OCTOBER 23 : University of Southern Maine, Martha Skoner Lecture Series
    "Bedside Nursing in the Age of Affordable Care"
    Portland, ME

  • SEPTEMBER 29 : University of Pittsburgh, CRNA Mentoring Workshop
    "Bullies in the OR"
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • AUGUST 6 : American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
    "Bullies in the OR"
    San Francisco, CA

  • MAY 10 : UCLA School of Nursing, Panelist
    "Nurses and the Media: A Call to Action"
    Los Angeles, CA

  • APRIL 28 : University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, Commencement Speaker
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • FEBRUARY 20 : Community College of Allegheny County, Monroeville Campus, School of Nursing
    Invited Speaker
    Monroeville, PA

  • JANUARY 19 : 2012 Northeast Home Health Leadership Summit, Discussion and Reading from Critical Care
    Boston, MA


  • NOVEMBER 16 : Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, Nursing Grand Rounds
    Philadelphia, PA

  • NOVEMBER 7 : MD Anderson Cancer Center, Inaugural Nursing Grand Rounds
    Houston, TX

  • OCTOBER 25 : Yale University, Poynter Fellowship Presentation
    New Haven, CT

  • OCTOBER 7 : American Academy of Nursing and the Kaiser Family Foundation, Panelist
    Raise the Voice Critical Conversation About Advanced Care Planning and Decision Making: Models that Work
    Washington, DC

  • JULY 26 : Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Writer's Live @ CLP
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MAY 26 : University of Washington, Nursing Recognition Banquet Speaker
    Seattle, WA

  • MAY 17 : Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Commencement Speaker
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • MAY 12 : UCLA School of Nursing, Panelist
    "Media Images and Screen Representations of Nurses"
    Los Angeles, CA

  • MARCH 17 : Hunter College School of Nursing, Spring Forum
    New York, NY

  • JANUARY 15 - 16 : Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology
    "Definition and Scope of Palliation: An Overview"
    Miami, FL


  • DECEMBER 17 : Shadyside School of Nursing, Commencement Speaker
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • SEPTEMBER 23 - 25 : Oncology Nursing Care Conference, Keynote on "Cancer Survivorship"
    Las Vegas, NV

  • SEPTEMBER 17 : Center for Bioethics and Health Law, University of Pittsburgh, Colloquium Series
    "A Nursing Perspective on End of Life Care"
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • JUNE 5 : University of Chicago Alumni Event, Uncommon Core
    Chicago, IL


  • OCTOBER : University of Pittsburgh, boundary 2 Annual Conference
    "Playing the Health Care Lottery"
    Pittsburgh, PA

Readings, book signings, and invited guest to private book groups, various dates and locations.
Guest lecturer, various dates and courses.